Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tehran Intersections

Washingont Post Op-Ed columnist, David Ignatius, writes ("Walking Into Iran's Trap," October 28, 2007; Page B07):
This isn't a Tehran intersection, where drivers can go full tilt because they know someone will stop at the last minute. This confrontation could actually result in a crackup because of miscalculations and misunderstood signals.
This paragraph makes is sound like Iranians have a habit of brinkmanship or enjoy engaging in it on a routine basis.

Actually, unlike 30 years ago, Tehran intersections now carry multi-way, timed traffic lights that give the number of seconds left on each light. Drivers do not go at full tilt to see who will stop at the last minute. If they did, they would be badly surprised because driving habits are fast changing.

Also, unlike some 30 years ago, when Iraq attacked a defenseless Iran, who had disbanded its US-educated and armed military institutions, today Iranians do have a defense force that is well equipped to protect it against aggression.

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